We introduce Thermokor Ltd.


At Thermokor Ltd. for more than 30 years we have been manufacturing and continuously developing special doors and windows that meet the requirements of the times for various refrigeration, food industry, hospital and cleanroom applications. Our company produces hundreds of doors and windows every year, both at home and abroad for the food and refrigeration industry, and for shopping centres, warehouses, meat processing plants, and for residential use, we offer opening doors with the same construction as the doors designed for chill compartments, with a special thermal insulation value. We also play an important role in the market for hospital and cleanroom doors. Most of the products we offer are manufactured 100% domestically with Hungarian labour, and our high-quality metal-armed doors are produced in our 1200m2 manufacturing plant in Törökbálint, where a wide range of products can be viewed in our showroom.

Our range of doors and windows includes manual and automatic sliding (side opening horizontally or vertically), sliding and swing- doors, radiation protection X-ray doors and windows, inox / stainless / acid resistant doors, special thermal insulation residential doors to meet any requirement, food industry and cleanroom speed gates, sectional and roller doors, PVC strip curtains, industrial air curtains, bedpan washers, stainless or galvanized stairs, ladders, custom handrails, tables, shelves, various profiles of painted metal or stainless edge protection, water drainage profiles. Our company also deals with the distribution of radiation shielding X-ray glass, we offer various lead equivalent glass for resale at very competitive prices to companies manufacturing different types of lead equivalent glass. 

We look forward to your enquiry with short delivery times, free quotations and professional advice.