Bedpan washing equipment

On the basis of its many years of experience Thermokor Ltd. has developed energy-efficient bedpan washing equipment, which uses low amounts of water, chemicals and electric energy.

The equipment performs the automatic washing and disinfecting of various healthcare vessels e.g. bedpan, urinal bottles, night pots, etc. according to various selectable programs. Washing is carried out with two rotating heads and 3 built-in spray heads. 

The device has a non-corroding frame and covering, the internal structure is produced on the basis of the types of vessel the client wishes to use, but this may only be changed with the replacement of the reception structures. The equipment is mounted on a stand and may be connected to a bottom or back draining outlet. The bedpan washer may be primarily used in hospitals, care homes, day-care centers and nursery schools.


Height: 1300 mm, width: 650 mm, depth: 500 mm.
Water usage:

– I. Short program: approx. 9 liters, 360 sec. running time

– II. Long program: approx. 18 liters, 420 sec. running time

– III. Rinsing program: approx. 5,4 liters, 36 sec. running time


Hot water: 1/2 ” flexible tube connection, temperature: 40-60°C
Waste water: for NA 100 PVC tube

Electric: 230V, 50Hz /grounded 1,5m-es cable/

Electric capacity:

– water pump electric output: 0,75KW
– detergent pump electric output 0,17 W

Weight: Approx. 85 kg


– Washing capacity: 1 piece of bedpan, 1 piece of bedpan cover, 1 piece of urine box.
– Whole structure comes in stainless steel.
– Temperature of warm water (the unit does not heat) should be around 40-60°C. Detergent usage depends on program type, 5 liters could be used for approx. 200-600 washing. Suggested detergent: NEODISHER-SBR.

Quality certification no.: ORKI: 954/96.
Installation must be done by a professional!