Trolleys for lifting and transporting corpses

The trolley offered by our company is made with a complete stainless steel structure, equipped with 4 heavy-duty wheels (diameter 125mm), 2 of which are equipped with brakes. Standard structure dimensions: approx. 2020x640x380mm, lifting height: 1700mm and load capacity 200kg. Normally, the tray rolls on polyamide rollers mounted on the trolley, but if required, the rollers can also be mounted on the stainless steel tray. The trolley can be supplied with a stainless steel tray and a hinged arched cover, and the lifting can be foot pedal operated hydraulic or electro-hydraulic.

In individual cases, the size of the structure, the position of the rollers, the lifting height and the load capacity can be made to the customer’s requirements.

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