Opening, sliding, swing- doors for hospitals, cleanrooms, manual and automatic versions

Our sliding, opening and swing- doors for cleanrooms are available in manual and automatic versions. Depending on the application, we fit motor-driven mechanisms with BESAM (ASSA ABLOY), DORMA or DITEC automatic systems, which are of the highest quality and provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for all applications. For X-ray and radiological rooms, we offer doors with lead sealing and radiation protection values to meet your requirements. For hospital/cleanroom applications, door leaf armouring is generally recommended in stainless steel with a brushed finish, but can also be supplied in painted white or other RAL colour code on request.

Our door casings are always made of inox (stainless steel) and their size may vary depending on the thickness of the receiving wall structure. Through our partner companies, we can also offer favourable prices for any type of wooden, aluminium or plastic doors for cleanroom/hospital applications.

Sliding doors:

Our sliding doors moving laterally are available in single or double leaf versions, with three different degrees of air insulation. The first type, the most economical in terms of price, is the type without insulating rubber/brush gap seal, which is simple and inexpensive, but not the optimal solution for any air pressure difference. The second type is the contact seal (with insulating rubber), where the door leaf moves only in the horizontal direction, but when closed, the sealing rubber on the door leaf approaches and touches the profile of the casing, reducing the air flow on the two vertical and the upper horizontal sides. The third and most costly option is the L1 providing air-tight, air-tight design, where the door leaf moves towards the casing and lowers when closing, ensuring a perfect seal of the sealing rubber on all sides of the door leaf. The guide rail of the sliding hospital doors is an aluminium profile covered by an aesthetic brushed stainless steel cover. For automatic doors, operation is possible with elbow switches, contactless wall switches, radar sensors or foot switches, while latch protection is provided by a vertically mounted curtain infra-sensor.

Opening doors:

Cleanroom/hospital doors with a door leaf thickness of 50-60mm are always fitted with insulating rubber, which can be up to L1 with special air tightness when positioned in a suction position (in case of pressure differential the door leaf is sucked onto the casing). The door leaves are fitted with an adjustable external stainless steel hinge (in the case of the manual version, a version with a lifting ramp which raises the door leaf when opening), and a sliding threshold which lowers when closing the door leaf to provide increased air tightness. In the case of magnetic card access or lock functions, the doors can be fitted with an electric lock (electric deadbolt, flat magnet or lock catch) or with LED status indicators and emergency opening buttons. Automatic doors can be operated by elbow switches, non-contact wall switches, radar sensors or foot switches, and, if required, sensors on the door leaves can be used to provide protection against unintentional latching and bumping.

Swing-doors for hospital/cleanroom:

For cleanroom/hospital applications, bi-directional swing doors are offered in stainless steel with a brushed surface, 40mm door leaf thickness, with internal PUR foam infill. The swing- doors are predominantly manual, but for special requirements we can also offer a unique automatic version, in which case the door can be opened automatically in one direction and manually in the other. The door leaves are fitted with 10 mm thick polyethylene impact protection strips at the height required by the customer, which provide extra strong protection against damage in the event of mechanical impact (e.g. collision with patient trolleys). Both edges of the door leaves are fitted with 34mm wide, aesthetically mounted hand protection rubber, and to avoid the risk of impact, the door leaves have plastic framed, double polycarbonate inset viewing windows. For swing- door types, we recommend strong swing- door hinges with plastic construction, but we can also fit heavy duty cast stainless steel hinges on request.