Swing- doors

Our swing- doors can be opened in both directions and are available in 3 different types:

  • Swing- doors made of polyethylene material

Made of polyethylene door leaf structure (PE500) with a thickness of 15mm, which is highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. Recommended for intensive use/transport, very long-lasting solution. The door leaves are fitted with a rubber-coated polycarbonate viewing window and rubber providing protection against hand pinching from a height of 1m. Available colours in addition to the standard white finish: black, green, blue, red.

  • Stainless steel or painted armoured, 40 mm thick, internally foam padded swing- doors

Our swing-doors with 0,7-0,8mm thick steel armouring and PUR foam filled inside are also recommended for food processing plants, factory kitchens, restaurants, hospital and cleanroom applications. The door leaves are fitted with 10mm thick polyethylene impact protection strips at the height required by the customer, providing extra strong protection against possible damage in the event of a collision. Both edges of the door leaves are fitted with 34mm wide, aesthetically mounted hand protection rubber. This model has plastic-framed, double polycarbonate inset viewing windows to prevent the risk of collision, opening or shutting on someone’s hand.

 PVC swing-door, made of transparent material

Our doors, made of 5 or 7mm thick, frost-resistant or normal (non-frost-resistant) soft PVC material, are recommended primarily for meat processing plants and for any partitioning where full transparency is required. The supporting structure of PVC swing-doors is made of stainless steel material, using stainless steel fasteners.

For all three types, we recommend strong swing-door hinges with plastic construction for cost-efficiency, but we can also fit the doors with heavy-duty cast stainless hinges if required. 

The hinges can be either 90° swing-out or standard, automatically closing from all positions (both plastic and stainless steel hinges). 

In the case of doors with a receiving structure made of stainless steel case for sandwich panel or plasterboard door frames, which can be fixed with pop rivets or sheet metal screws. 

In the case of wall hole or metal hinges, the doors do not necessarily require a casing, the hinge support plates can be fixed directly to the receiving structure by means of rivets, sheet metal screws or wall dowels.

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