Fixed, opening and sliding windows for hospitals, cleanrooms, radiation protection windows

Our special windows are mainly recommended for applications in hospital and cleanroom areas.

The windows are manufactured with a stainless steel frame with a brushed surface and glazing bead elements, for hospital and cleanroom designs the glass is installed flush with the frame, without a dirt collecting step, with double-sided flat glazing, but the window can also be manufactured with a single glass insert on request.

Installation is quick and easy, with the complete window frame placed in the opening, usually fixed by wedging and foaming, and for larger windows, depending on the receiving structure, the frames are installed with dowels or plate screws. For pass through windows that can be opened, we also offer single or double-wing side opening, horizontally sliding and vertically sliding versions, complete with stainless steel structure, in acid-proof design.

In the case of the vertical sliding sash window, gas springs built into the frame ensure easy movement, and the window can be stopped in any position of the sash during operation.

Radiation protection windows

Our X-ray windows provide perfect visibility by providing protection against the rays used in the operating room. The window frame is made of stainless steel/anodised material, with a brushed surface and lead lining inside the frame, and the viewing surface is a special glass of 6-8 mm thickness with a suitable radiation protection value (lead equivalent).

Distribution of radiation protection glass, X-ray glass

We offer door and window manufacturers the sale of radiation protection glass at favourable prices.