Sliding doors, sliding sideways (horizontal) and vertical

The majority of our sliding doors for cold storage, chill compartment and food industry, which move horizontally, are equipped with stainless steel top rollers and tracks, developed and self-manufactured, which ensure easy installation and adjustment. The bottom track (stainless steel) does not protrude from the door plane and is therefore not vulnerable to mechanical impact. Thanks to our self- manufactured structures and the two-component PUR foam door leaf production technology, we can offer our products at very competitive prices compared to competing manufacturers and importers. Our doors can provide L1 special air tightness, which meets the most stringent food and refrigeration requirements.

Our sliding doors are usually manufactured with a C-section rigid stainless steel casing frame, which can be easily fixed to the outer plane of the receiving sandwich panel or brickwork, or into a wall hole, and can be fitted without bracing or a bracing mechanism for smaller doors. In the case of a deep-freezing range, the casing is fitted with an electric heating cable and, if required, a recessed threshold below floor level is fitted to the casing (no recessed threshold is required for suitable underfloor heating).

For smaller doors, plastic or stainless steel handles recessed into the door leaf are used for movement, for larger, heavier doors, an external and internal opening assist mechanism with stainless steel levers is fitted for easier operation.

If lockability is required, we fit doors with a plastic locking mechanism free of thermal bridging that can be opened/unlocked at any time from the inside of the cold room, ensuring that escape from the cold room is possible at all times. The doors can be manually or automatically operated, the sealing rubber used is made of a special cold-resistant material and can be easily replaced if damaged. The door leaf armouring can be painted white (polyester coated RAL 9010) or stainless steel, depending on the application requirements, and other RAL colour codes can be offered on request. Stainless steel casings, rails and door leaf armatures are normally manufactured using material quality wnr 4301, but for special requirements (use of strong chemicals, salt, chlorine environment, corrosion risk) we can also offer a stronger acid resistant solution (wnr 4404, wnr 4571). 

Our doors can be supplied with an inspection window, top core tracking in the casing, external mechanical impact protection and an air pressure relief valve.

The design of the vertical sliding hoistable sliding doors is the same as the side sliding doors, with a similar operation and track structure to sectional garage doors, but with thermal insulation as the primary design consideration. The door leaf can be 80-140mm thick, is made in one piece (not sectioned), can be vertical or pivoting 90º after opening, and can be operated manually or automatically. In case of deep-freezing temperatures, the casing has a built-in electric heater.

Sliding doors, sliding sideways (horizontal) and vertical product gallery

Sliding doors, sliding sideways (horizontal) and vertical product gallery