Smoke and air tight sliding and opening doors

For use in rooms with different air pressures or in dryers, our doors and windows are specially designed to provide a complete air tightness.

We ensure perfect air-tightness with a wrap-around casement (bottom step/threshold) and uninterrupted rubber profile for opening doors, and a 3-point locking retracting handle locking mechanism for larger doors.

Our airtight sliding doors are available with a clamp-lock or mechanical tension roller solution.

We can offer a special air-tight transfer window for airtight doors.

The door leaf armouring can be painted white (food industry polyester coated, RAL 9010) or stainless with a natural or brushed finish, depending on the application requirements, and the casings are always made of stainless material.

Stainless steel casings and door leaf armatures are normally made using wnr 4301 material quality, but in special cases (use of aggressive chemicals, salt, chlorine environments, corrosion hazards) we can also offer a stronger acid-proof solution (wnr 4404, wnr 4571). The use of airtight, fume-proof doors is most common in meat plants and fruit storage facilities, but is also common in electronics and cleanroom plants.

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